Peter Pan Daycare

Providing Quality, Affordable Child Care in Calgary.

Peter Pan Daycare is a unique place that specializes in quality, affordable child care in Calgary, Alberta. We currently offer a before and after school program at Altadore Elementary School. We are fully accredited by the provincial government.

Our program is rooted in an active use of the Reggio Emilia Method by our highly experienced and qualified staff. We strive to stimulate the creative abilities of each child in allowing them to help shape the program's activities with their own ideas. This approach enhances each child's image of self-worth and teaches them to become more self-governing and responsible as they advance through the elementary school years.

We also emphasize recreation and physical activity. In caring for a relatively small number of children and in providing more than double the space that is required, we foster an environment where children can freely move about as they play and learn.

We are proud to offer an on-site speech therapy program and can readily adapt to meet the needs of children with special needs.

We are located in the Marda Loop area in Calgary, Alberta and have been in business since 1935. We are located at Altadore Elementary School. A map can be seen here. For more information, get in touch with Sharon.